I was looking for Google Analytics alternatives I could self host, for situations where paid analytics services are over budget.

The following are my notes on a few solutions that can be self-hosted, are open source and free.

Feel free to leave your thoughts or recommend other tools in the comments!

Matomo Analytics


  • The classic one. It’s quite advanced but maybe a bit too complex? You might end up never looking at most pages (like with Google Analytics)
  • The UI attempts to be modern but still feels old. It lacks of proper UI/UX design IMO
  • It’s been around for ages, definitely stable
  • It might require a cookie consent for GDPR compliance. From what I understand it’s possible to configure Matomo so that consent is not required but it’s not what you get out of the box
  • Real-time stats: there’s a page that shows recent visits but it lacks a count of how many users are online (it only shows active users in the past 30 minutes)
  • Actively developed by the company that offers the cloud product
  • Built with PHP and requires MySQL. Easy deployment only if you already have a PHP setup, I’d say

Plausible Analytics


  • Somewhat less advanced when compared to Matomo, but it still probably has everything you need
  • Easy to use and beautiful design
  • Born as a cloud product but released as open source for self-hosting, with all the features. The product has been around since 2019 and the company behind it has grown a lot recently
  • +1 for weekly email reports and reports about traffic spikes
  • It features a real-time dashboard and shows the number of current visitors
  • No cookie consent required
  • Built with Elixir, uses both PostgreSQL and ClickHouse as database systems, which are not easy requirements. Still quite easy to deploy with the provided Docker Compose file



  • It seems to be similar to Plausible but with less features overall
  • It’s been around since 2020 and it’s actively developed
  • According to the website a paid cloud product is coming soon, which I think is good for the future and sustainability of the project
  • Similarly to Plausible: nice design, real-time dashboard, count of online users
  • No cookie consent required
  • Written in Node.js, works with both PostgreSQL and MySQL. A bit easier to deploy than Plausible especially because there’s no ClickHouse requirement
  • Very promising overall!

Fathom Lite


  • The open source Lite version of the Fathom service
  • It’s very limited in terms of features compared to the full product (which went closed-source), so I would consider it only for very basic needs
  • Still, nicely designed
  • No cookie consent required
  • Should be easy to deploy even without Docker, being a Go application. Uses SQLite as a database (!)



  • Another product from 2019, again similar to Plausible but less advanced
  • It seems to work well for tracking multiple websites in a single dashboard
  • No real-time dashboard but there’s an active visitors count
  • No cookie consent required
  • Development is kind of active but I’m seeing only bug fixes in the past year
  • Built with Node.js and requires MongoDB. Should be easy to deploy provided you know how to manage a MongoDB instance



  • Nice UI. Basic features you need are probably there, but…
  • It seems it hasn’t received much attention lately, I’m not sure where the project is going
  • Built with Python, requires PostgreSQL



  • This is a weird one: basic service, with a basic-but-charming old-school UI
  • Not very advanced, e.g. you can only filter by page
  • No online users count/no real-time dashboard
  • The developer doesn’t work on the project full-time anymore, but fixes are still delivered from what I can tell
  • There’s a free managed service but only for non-commercial use
  • No cookie consent required
  • Built with Go ❤ + SQLite/PostgreSQL